NII Info

Useful information for NII, Tokyo



Internet at NII can be accessed within NII via wireless LAN according to the following details

SSID: visitor-wpa
Password: V1sitor-xxxx

where xxxx is the current year.


Printing and scanning

You can print by using the photocopy machines on the 14th floor. Connect to the “soken” wireless network and then go to either of the the following site

You can also scan using the same photocopy machines.  Save your files into a folder on the printer, then download the files from


Connecting to the cloud machine

Here are some instructions on how to connect to the cloud machine.

Instruction to connect to Cloud



Connecting to the cloud machine requires setting up a VPN.  This can also be used as a regular VPN.

Instructions on setting up PacketiX (see just the first page of this)


Printing a poster

The basic procedure for printing the poster is not complicated, its just the same as a standard printer, except it is size A0.  The poster printer is located in the photocopy machine room on the 14th floor.

A step-by-step instruction procedure:
1) Convert your poster into pdf, make sure all the equations appear properly.
2) Put the pdf on a usb stick, copy it to the computer connected to the poster printer.  Open the pdf on the computer and select print as you would with any other printer
3) In print properties there is a tab where you set the original and print size (3rd tab across).  Make sure both are A0 (841x1189mm), not A0 ノビ (914×1292mm)
4) Press print, it will take about 5 mins to load the printer on the computer.  After this it will  come up with a print preview screen. You have to press print on this preview screen for the printing to commence.



NII has a library on the 18th floor which you can access with your NII ID card.  It is a rather small library and does have a few books related to quantum stuff, but it is limited.  If you require a book, check here first

to see if they have it.  Failing that, you can go to Tokyo university for a much better collection.  Usually the physics library

is the one to go to, although there are many libraries distributed throughout the campus.  Have a search here to see which libraries would have the book: